Society of the Snow (2023)

 Best 2023 sound design.

The Society of the Snow is brutal. Its essence feels like something that could warrant censorship, yet this raw reaction has its merits. And I am merely being facetious about the raw terror the film sends to the darkest depth of my lonely soul buried in the snow. 

I'm not suggesting the film oversteps, as the eating people didn't bother me much, but it may be too much for some soft and fuzzy viewers. I'm simply highlighting an indescribable depth of emotion, beyond mere descriptions of profound suffering or the kind of tragedy that casts a shadow on human existence.

Watching Society of the Snow deepened my introspection on the human condition and blunders, with only the gradual thawing of snow offering any solace.

The standout element is the film's sound design: The bone-crunching and chilling sounds of ice immerse viewers in the survivors' ordeal, their experiences narrated through these visceral sounds. 

While the film adeptly portrays the desperation to consume human flesh, the cold emerges as the true terror. Suddenly, my home's heater feels like a cherished luxury. Even as it warms my face, the vicarious memories of trying to fix a radio with frostbitten fingers and the chilling reward of freezing to sleep haunt me.

Society of the Snow prompts introspection about one's response in such dire circumstances. I would not handle things better; panic would set in and a swift freezing soon after. I'd lose my wits and bury myself in the snow before the thought of eating you crossed my mindbrain.

Glad I live in the desert.