Thursday, October 17, 2019

For the Love of Film Pt. IV

There's probably something special or awesome about every movie. The movies that I do not like are often because of state of mind I was in, life circumstances, or the pre-existing fan base of a film. I have nothing to say about The Dark Crystal except that it is a movie that pederasts try to show children. See, it's a complex situation. Please, do not make some ridiculous logical jump either. I'm not saying that if you like The Dark Crystal that you are a pederast. I am simply saying that it is a movie that pederasts show to children. That's all I know of the movie, that's all I care to know of the movie. Yes, it's entirely personal. So what? I am not going to open my mind, sit through the thing, and attempt to convince myself that it is not something that it already is. I love so many films, so many terrible films, and it is healthy to be discriminatory at times. The Dark Crystal is a movie that makes me shudder, but I cannot really say anything about it, except that it's selection for pederast tastemakers.

Occasionally, there are simply films that I despise not only in reaction to the fan base but also simply because the movie is artistically and morally dogshit. If there is one thing Hollywood is fantastic at slinging out, it is morally corrupt, brainwashing propaganda. Personally, I doubt it is as intentional as critical scholars posit. Instead, it is simply ignorant assholes, dressed up as intellectual, painting with broad brush strokes of their shit worldview and parroting Mother Culture labeling it a unique point of view. It is not a unique point of view. It is a homogenized regurgitation of groupthink and all that will bring humanity to its fragile and bruised knees.

Meanwhile, there are also plenty of films that fit many of these parameters that I love. Argo is problematic when considering its political and nationalistic implications, but I loved this movie when I first saw it, own it, and I love Affleck directed films. Hollywood is at least Hollywood. It's always been Hollywood, and it will always be Hollywood, even after the apocalypse. Although somewhat counterintuitive, Hollywood does not pretend to be something that it is not through all pretending and fakery. It is not simply a social media gathering of fourth wave-feminists posting night club pics on Instagram and acting prog-ro on Facebook. It is a shitty characteristic to have highlighted as strength, but it is a Hollywood strength: Hollywood is genuine in its bullshit.

When I get into arguments with people, they say shit like, "Life is not a movie." No shit. I believe any category of filmmaker, actor, production worker, etc. that keeps some level of self-honesty knows better than anyone that life is not a movie. If only I could throw all these people on the floor like a pile of celluloid scrap... Editing is one of my favorite elements of filmmaking. It is my favorite process. I love editing. The beauty of editing is how unlike life it truly is, and that is where I live. I live right in that space between fantasy and reality. I am the gap before the editor places the tape over a splice. Life is not a movie and vice versa. But on the edges of both is my life. It is an interesting place to live. It is a carnival in the back alley between skid row and Hollywood boulevard. A one horse race without a finish line. There's not a thesis. I simply love film. We take the threads of fantasy and reality and sew them together to create emotion and instigate change.