Friday, January 5, 2018

Peter Travers Kinda Sucks

In general, Peter Travers bugs the heck out of me. His picks for supposedly awesome movies are always predictable, and he rarely says substantive things about a movie he dislikes. 

Naturally, Dunkirk is his favorite movie of 2017 (see previous UTDF post). I imagine my disdain for Peter Travers stems from an all-around disdain for film critics. 

I love film criticism, yet I despise the critics. Their opinions are the epitome of homogenization, and they rarely break from a predictable pattern. They cling to particular filmmakers; one can always count on Travers to gush all over any Spielberg film.

Meanwhile, they seem to pass their most cynical judgments against films obviously not made for critical acclaim. In other words, I simply do not believe a person that compares Get Out to Daddy’s Home 2. Seriously, what is the fucking point? I just watched Travers’s end-of-the-year episode of “Popcorn,” and he claims that the point is to keep bad movies out of our lives.

It seems to me that we should keep the critics out of our lives. 

If you listened to the critics, Travers included, the Transformers movies are awful and Get Out is so, so incredible. They’re probably right, but their continual and identical iterations are far less useful than any of the Transformers movies.

Author's note: I often agree with Travers about many movies. I love a ton of movies though, so the overlap is bound to happen with any random critic. Remember, the critics say Citizen Kane is the best film of all time. That does not mean that it has to be your best film of all time.  It is certainly not mine.