Friday, December 22, 2017

Netflix Suggestions: A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

You should definitely watch this movie. It is not necessarily good. It cannot be called quality filmmaking. However, this movie is way more entertaining than it seems. It is a shinning example of the higher echelons of bad taste. I'm not suggesting that you curl up around the fire and watch it with your mema and pepa, but a stoned night a alone is a reasonable suggestion for viewing A Christmas Horror Story.

The movie is not for everyone, but I personally appreciate the effort. As an adult, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, yet for some reason, I really like Christmas movies. Yes, I even like many of the corny Christmas movies, especially the family-based comedies. I am the same way with football movies. I love football movies, but I do not like watching football.

I always thought all of these Christmas/horror spoof films were simply a crock of shit, a cheesy gimmick. In some ways, I was wrong. While all of that is true of A Christmas Horror Story, it is the kind of crock-of-shit-cheesy-gimmick movie I like every so often. I guess, I just enjoy Santa throwing an elf out a window while being called a "cocksucker." That is one of many amazing things that happens throughout this movie, and you might enjoy this type of entertainment too.

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