Sunday, April 24, 2016

UTDF Film School #0005: Dependability

Hiring dependable people and being a dependable person is one of the most important characteristics of a filmmaking professional. All artists struggle with this concept. I certainly have in the past, and dependability is a trait we all have to work to maintain.

Dependability is one of the most admirable traits of a film production professional, or any professional for that matter. Be on time. Don't cancel. Don't lie. Don't schedule a crew if you do not have a key actor scheduled and locked down.

And certainly do not schedule a crew and confirm the day prior if you do not have one of your principals cast (you know who you are.)

On the other side of the coin, don't stand up people or make excuses for missing a shoot. You get to that shoot. Get there early, plan for time delays (traffic, lines at the gas station, etc.)

When you go to set, be determined to assist the production. Go to bed early the night before a shoot, and thoroughly take care of all of your hygienic needs. Be organized and meticulous. Plan for the best, and prepare for the worst. People are depending on you, so be a dependable person. There are no excuses. You cannot think about a second chance, you only get one life. Don't be un vitellone. Take charge of your life.

You can still be a kid at heart while conducting yourself as an adult. Take responsibility for your actions in order to be even more dependable. And with all that said, be a nice person. It doesn't hurt. There's a difference between getting stressed out and angry and an incredible douche bag. Learn to communicate effectively and appropriately. It might not come easily at first, but eventually it will all slide into place.

Additionally, learn to identify truly dependable people. Most people seem eager and dependable on the surface, but many are not. Dependable people are what you need on a set. Sometimes your friends cannot provide the type of dependability needed on set, but if you're lucky enough, sometimes your friends are the only ones that provide dependability; I've experienced both scenarios. Meanwhile, I've been undependable and dependable. I prefer to be a dependable person.