Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Black Mass (2015), Johnny Depp continues to be a badass. I'm torn as to whether I am disappointed or not that I did not see Black Mass in theaters.

It is a great movie, and Johnny Depp is freaking creepy and unbelievably magnificent. (Apparently, not everyone feels this way, but what the fuck do they know in the first place?) Additionally, the movie has Rory Cochrane, and who does not love Rory Cochrane? Everyone loves Rory. Everyone. And then there's Joel Edgerton. This dude also provides an amazing performance, as always.

Ultimately, I think that it was best that I saw this film on video instead of the big screen. It's a little slow at times, and Johnny plays a wickedly tyrannical man that might have made me cry with fear in the darkness of a theater.

Either way, I highly recommend watching this film, at very least for the acting performances. And the fact that it's an organized crime film that doesn't focus on an Italian, so we get a new story within the organized crime genre. Sorry, not sorry, I love organized crime films. #AmazonIt