Monday, June 17, 2013

Corman's World (2011)

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Documentaries generally do not strike me as a fun-filled good time. There tends to be exceptions to the rule, but mostly I have to be in a particular mood to watch a documentary.

I consider myself some sort of independent filmmaker, so Corman's World seemed like a must-see source of information and learning. However, that does not mean that I was ever a passionate Roger Corman fan. Merely that I always appreciated him and understood the indirect influence he has over my life.

Corman's World now happens to be my second favorite documentary of all time. Furthermore, Corman himself proved to be one of the most inspirational filmmaker stories I've had the pleasure of learning about.  

Corman's World was not only educational but also a fun-filled amazing time filled with captivating anecdotes, a moving social standard, and a standard of quality not always found in a Roger Corman movie.

And one last thing, Roger Corman seems like he may be one of the most pleasant celebrities on the face of this planet.

4.0 Stars