Monday, February 11, 2013

Life of Pi (2012)

Attempting to get through all of the films that received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture has proven to be a somewhat difficult goal.

To watch all nine films, that supposedly comprise of the best films of 2012, with any sort of outward anguish seems like a "first world problem."

However, that does not negate the challenges I've endured in order to get through each of the nominees. Meanwhile, I am noting the same roster that includes Argo and Django Unchained, so it would seem safe to assume that there had to be at least one other gem that might carry the possibility of bringing joy to a often cynical and impatient viewer.

While joy may not be an all-encompassing adjective, I found Life of Pi to be an unexpected pleasure. I almost feel as though I'm glad that I saw the movie prior to ever reading the book. I'm sure the book lives up to its reputation. Yet, I'm limited on reading time, and a shelf over flowing with unread books may topple over me prior to even finishing this brief statement.

Some may shrug Pi off without care or notice. Others may find Life of Pi entirely boring, and so it goes each day. While entitled to an opinion, I would be inclined to doubt this type of viewer's taste and character.

Perhaps, one of the most satisfying aspects weaved within the story of Pi was the unabashed sensitivity to the nature of man and wild. Furthermore, Life of Pi possess a magical way of providing insight into each of its viewer's personal battles, struggles, and conflicts, but all without judgement or pretense.

I feel as though the film provides an experience that could be enjoyed by almost any human on the planet. Life of Pi not only administers a brilliant cinematic experience, but also serves as a mesmerizing tribute to the weary brutality and joyous celebration we all call life.

4.3 Stars.