Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Watch (2012)

What do you mean you did not like The Watch? To be perfectly honest, I initially thought I would be disappointed by The Watch. However, I not only found The Watch to be enjoyable but also thought that it was one of the best Saturday-night-popcorn comedies of 2012.
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The script was hilarious, and as usual Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Hill are the people who I continue to want to see in comedy films. Even the weird black guy was freaking phenomenal. I certainly do not expect it to appear on some fanboy-of-highly-dignified-taste's list of, "Best Films Ever," but he's most likely an asshole anyway.

The story was original, and it even properly utilizes a little red herring to earn more of my respect in the plot development department. The Watch had me calling my wife in from the other room to watch scenes that I could not stop laughing at. Although, she generally replied, "I do not see what's so funny" her taste level is quite questionable in the first place.

Furthermore, it turns out that the director Akiva Schaffer is also the director of Hot Rod, another ridiculous and underrated comedy that overly self-righteous critics generally scoff at. I highly recommend The Watch to all the Up Till Dawners out there. I assure you it deserves a much higher acclaim than Bullshit Tomatoes 17%.

3.5 Stars