Friday, January 18, 2013

Django Discontinuation Nonsense

Really Weinstein Co.? How quickly we tend to react to sensationalism and unfounded offense. I personally find the Happy Meal one of the greatest abominations of American culture, but where has that gone? Absolutely nowhere. So, why discontinue an awesome idea because some people are offended? Has going against the grain and not giving a shit about random opinions not been the Weinsteins' business model for decades?

It would appear that people often merely need something to point a finger at and gripe about, because they are so miserable in their own lives that bitching about a toy offers them an easy distraction.

My original problem with the figures was that I personally have never been much of a fan of old school Neca Toys. I appreciate their nostalgia, but I would rather have a figure styled like the ones made for Kill Bill. (Hence why The Bride remains sealed in her original packing a mere five feet away from where I type this entry.) However, were I to have known that the figures, once $29.99 or less, would be sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars (thousands on Amazon) in a snap of a press release I would have bought twenty of each (keeping five of each for myself.) Additionally, I intended on purchasing a set eventually, but because they were the old school style I was in no rush.

See what procrastination gets you? I guess it goes to show us that we never truly know what the value of something is and/or can be, despite what economics 101 may tell you. Well, I am certainly disappointed, but I do know that a first printing of the comic book Django Unchained #1 should arrive at my home any day now.

All that said, maybe the Weinsteins and Quentin just decided to buy all of them and horde them like some sort of De Beers diamonds. Either way, while disappointed, UTDF's love of Tarantino and the Weinsteins carries on. (Click any of the pictures to see (or even buy) some of the ridiculous prices people are now selling these collectibles. Dr. King Shultz for only $4999.00!)

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