Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Best Motion Picture Soundtracks (Part One)

Everybody seems to like lists right? Well, we decided to come up with a couple special lists of some of the finest films and film achievements. Our first list did not come as easily as we thought it would, so we are going to give you our selections in two parts. This is part one of Up Till Dawn Films' 10 Best Motion Picture Soundtracks. We wanted to choose soundtracks that were not only solid accompaniments to their films but also were our favorites as stand alone albums. Other than a couple minor deviations, the only (no matter how loose) requisite for a selection was that the film should be at least five years old. This means that the albums stand a particular test of time and do not wear thin easily. I guess what was most important to us was to provide a solid list of soundtracks that as many people as possible would find entertaining. Oh yeah, and the movies can't suck. Really we're just tired of being the only nerds that talk about which new soundtrack they're listening to (*Cough* Django *Cough*) Alright, here we go! In no particular order.

Ten Best Motion Picture Soundtracks (Part One):

127 Hours

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Danny Boyle does not get enough recognition for his use and placement of music in film. The 127 Hours soundtrack includes a couple pop-bubble-gum favorites, a bunch of beautiful compositions by A.R. Rahman, and the film's opener "Never Here Surf Music" by Free Blood. Whether attempting to not break a bone while hiking, or simply attempting to expand one's own musical horizons, the 127 Hours soundtrack has what you are looking for. (Exception to the rule number one.)


How High 

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 How High may be one of the most underrated stoner movies of all time, and its soundtrack is no exception to the sentiment. Many people often forget the album is half selections by other artists or previously released Method Man and Redman tracks, and the other half is a sort of ep of original songs made for the movie in between their two Blackout albums. Toni fucking Braxton appears on one of the songs.  Additionally, this album provided the soundtrack to many of my favorite memories as a late-teen.


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If we were ranking these soundtracks, the Deseperado soundtrack would be a top contender for number one in my book. This album has some of the greatest originally produced songs of the 90's and 2000's. The tracks that use selections from the score do not compromise the album's integrity. Instead, the listener merely feels as though they are they are the Antonio Banderas of their own adventure to the grocery store.

Repo Man 

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"This brilliant commentary on the state of the world, American youth, growing up in America, drug use, nuclear science, war, UFOs, and the collective unconscious, set upon the black-comedy-science-fiction backdrop of automotive repossession and punk rock music, not only results in an amazing piece of entertainment but also a reflection of culture that remains relevant in the cultural climate of today." Oh, the soundtrack? Breathtaking.

All righty, so what do you think? Part two coming soon...