Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hesher (2011)

Have you seen Hesher yet?

Hesher, the most under-rated film of 2011.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt of who I am now forever a fan. Additionally, one of the first performances of Natalie Portman I genuinely appreciate. Hesher is beautiful.

I ask you please watch this film, and if it is not your thing you may be at the wrong blog. Jokes, how dare I. This is the only film blog you should be reading.

4.5 Stars.


  1. I just watched this last night and I loved it! I loved the mouse and snake analogy used for T.J.’s circumstances. And although the movie seems like a dark comedic tragedy, it’s still something that anyone can relate to. I found Hesher on, and since I have HBO, it was free for me to watch. I suggested it to one of my co-workers at Dish today, and she was able to add it to her Blockbuster @Home queue. Hesher may be one of the most underrated films of 2011, but it’s one of my top three favorite films that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  2. That is awesome! It made the UTDF Staff shed a man tear for sure!