Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hell's Kitchen (Season 10)

People seem quite surprised when I discuss my undying love for Gordon Ramsay or when I say, "I need to go home an watch Hell's Kitchen." I am generally not a proponent of television in general, but is the fucker truly avoidable anyways? What about HBO? What is the core definition of television?

While I want to be as hardcore and punk as possible, television is merely a raped format that has the potential to be just as artistic as the silver screen, only usually smaller. Additionally, I find television satisfying my artistic requirements quite often.

However, with acknowledged hypocrisy and love, I must assert an overriding philosophical, "Fuck you" to television viewers and networks in general.

Hell's Kitchen is no exception, but Ramsay's awe-inspiring ways of verbal abuse and lawsuit worthy treatment of people causes my body to erupt in a fantastic tingle of joy. The show's increased abuse of post-editing manipulation of timeline and exaggerated intensity of things to come is completely and totally fucking blasphemous. However, they are an amazing tool for keeping a film editor's sense sharp, so ultimately, again thank you. And don't even get me started on the Fox Network, corporation, little Rupert, etc.

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These are the moments that our less-than-strict policy and adherence to passive voice come in quite handy. Awful closings are also fun.

Anyway you slice it, whatever Gordon has on the menu for the evening may not be cooked to the standards of artistic perfection, but the meal is quite satisfying.

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 Hell's Kitchen:
3.5 Stars

4.7 out of 5 Stars