Monday, July 2, 2012

Exit Speed (2008)

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I'm not even going to finish this one. I sure it is a wonderful film, but as soon as the motorcycle gang arrives I realize that I am not ready for this thrill ride of action and adventure. While conducting an intensive plunge into the annals of cinema and entertainment, I ran across Desmond Harrington's face (co-star of Dexter and also had a recent role in Justified--both two of my favorites.) I pondered Desmond's resume, and curiosity took control. I did not recall him in much previously, so I looked up his filmography.

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Also starring Lea Thompson (Howard the Duck,) the film seemed as though I would  be swimming in unknown waters, but I figured, "What the heck." However, I quickly realized that I do not have time for Exit Speed.

Additionally, while Desmond seems like a cool guy, I can wait to see him this September when season seven of Dexter begins.

No rating. Incomplete viewing.