Monday, June 18, 2012

The Three Stooges (2012)

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I feel as though I missed something while watching this movie. I would much rather watch this movie over than a couple hours of Stooges reruns, but I only endured through the entirety of this movie for the exclusive sake of film review journalism. I don't know if it is my preexisting  dislike of The Stooges (I could never get into them,) or simply just a movie that does not suit me. I'm sure the egg holds a significant amount of blame for this chicken. There seemed like so much public disdain for the Jersey Shore Cast members' roles, but their appearance was my favorite parts of the movie. Well, actually Larry David playing a nun was my favorite aspect.

I'm fascinated by the fact that this is a  Farrelly Brothers movie. I imagine if anyone else had made the movie I would have put a needle through my pupil. Although, I'm really not an appropriate judge, but the guys playing the Stooges seemed to have done a really good job. However, they do so while basking in the ambiance of something that smells under Plot's shoe. There's more than just plot lacking too. I mean, come on! Jane Lynch plays a nun as well, but I cannot even recall a single thing she did that was funny. Word? Other than Larry David, the Jersey Shore, and some sweet cleavage shots I do not have anything really nice to say. I blame the fact that I am out of my element and my sensibilities of humor were desensitized over a decade ago; Rated PG.      2.2 Stars.