Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Repo Man (1984)

A home library must have!
Repo Man, starring Emilio Estevez is one of many films that best reflects popular culture in this country. The "cult classic" film chronicles the events of an angry young man, Otto, who becomes a repo man. There is much more to the story and the goings on around Otto than the simple repossession of cars. The film is a commentary on the state of the world, American youth, growing up in America, drug use, nuclear science, war, UFOs, and the collective unconscious. The mixture of these themes set upon the black-comedy-science-fiction backdrop of automotive repossession and punk rock music not only results in an amazing piece of entertainment but also a reflection of culture that remains relevant in the cultural climate of today.

A culture in which many physical attributes have changed drastically, but continues to be rooted in issues, conflicts, and identities that have changed very little since 1984. One of the UTDF's Top Ten Film Soundtracks. 4.4 Stars.

Warning: Harry Dean Stanton Alert! This film is known to contain Harry Dean Stanton. The true psychological effects of Harry Dean Stanton are highly debated and yet to be scientifically confirmed.