Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prometheus (2012)

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I got to the theater late and missed the first ten minutes of this movie. The lack of punctuality is among several reasons that I am going to have to watch this film again, but I'm pretty sure I grasped and saw enough to make some conclusions and discuss. When teasers of Prometheus initially embedded into audiences a strong wave of Alien maniacs broke free of their quiet desperation. I witnessed a fleeting movement and surprising exoneration of Ridley Scott that seemed both manufactured and confused. The Stargatesque to be continued nature of the quick look inside the film aroused hype, intrigue, and fanaticism that I did not realize existed or could be synthesized so quickly. Until trailers for Prometheus swept the masses I did not know that many categorize Ridley Scott as a, "Genius." I know of a strong fan following for Blade Runner and Alien (Harry Dean Stanton Alert!,) but otherwise Scott's resume did not seem spectacular. While still an impressive resume, the individual filmmaker has yet to truly fascinate me. I'm more a fan of the fact that he was a producer of the television series Numb3rs and his brother Tony directed True Romance.
I did not expect nearly as much as the dormant-Ridley-Scott-super fans did from Prometheus. Intrigued that Damon Lindelof (co-creator of Lost) happen to be one of the writers of the screenplay, but in general the concept and Alien series prequel possibility simply bored me. Yet, low expectations always helps when something from a film can be expected. The first twenty to thirty minutes of the film could be entirely removed and I do not think it would make much of a difference. The distinction between plot and character development and contrived mediocre pace shines brightly on a visually stunning but otherwise bland screen. A sad and slow start however does not mean that all is lost. Ultimately, once the development hurdle was crossed Prometheus pleases and provides the audience what they came for. I have let Prometheus marinate for a couple weeks. The initial Prometheus buzz has worn off. Prometheus is a quality film. I'm definitely going to watch it again, but like Ridley in general I question the ratio of hype to actual output of "genius" work. Especially, since I feel, of all Ridley's films, Prometheus comes closest to the misused adjective. Certainly at the top of my list of Ridley Scott films I want to add to my Blu-Ray collection. Until I watch it again I'll give it a standing 3.5 stars.

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