Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Men In Black III (2012)

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The popularity of the Men In Black films confuses me somewhat. I understand how they have generated the box office numbers and popularity on a summer funzies level, but no so much in regards to the catharsis they seem to provide people. I get they they're funny films, and the two main characters share a dynamic relationship that adds to the clever hilarity. If ever a possibility, the mixing of crotchety white man and sassy but hip black man would provide a sweet comedy elixir. The audience could simply drink in this essence and uncontrollable laughter would consume their entire existence. However, I do not find the films that easy to take down. The Men In Black films make me slightly uncomfortable.

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A have an easier, and oddly more enjoyable, time watching Tommy Lee Jones stuck in an apartment with a bible thumping Samuel Jackson while Tommy insists that he must kill himself. Which inadvertently sums up Men In Black 3. While watching, I wonder if there's something I'd rather watch. I know MIB 3 arouses a desire for another viewing of The Sunset Limited and I'm sure if I thought about it several others would come to mind. Will's alright (I Am Legend was beautiful) but give me Samuel L instead any day.

I digress, the comparison is not fair. A dialogue written by Cormac McCarthy should have a higher level of quality than any MIB movie. I guess I just wanted to bring up Mr. McCarthy. While we're on the subject though, Josh Brolin plays the young Tommy Lee Jones and these two billings alone scream, "Great cast!" Until they decided to cast Emma Thompson, but let's not go there. The strangest paradox of the Men In Black films rests within my own hands of ownership. I have owned both of the previous films. I believe at one point I had multiple copies of one or both of the films on DVD, and I also still own an unopened animated series VHS. How did that all happen?

In conclusion, this was my favorite Men In Black film (except for the Emma Thompson) from many reasons. The Brolin factor was cool. He did a spot on young Tommy Lee Jones. It goes without saying because we are now in the future, but the CGI was the best. The storyline was the most interesting and intelligent and I also felt the least uncomfortable watching this chapter.  3.4 Stars.  This is a that may change.

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