Monday, June 18, 2012

Inside an Actor Editorial - Nicolas Cage

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This was originally going to be a review for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but it dawned on me that a discussion of Nicolas Cage would be much more interesting. We all know that Mr. Cage has tax problems, and negative criticism of his recent body of work seems to override many film reviews of the individual films. I never understood the strict obsession of ranking a film by one that was put out prior.

I understand the need for comparison, but why compare a kidnapping film to a man with a flaming head or Raising Arizona with Drive Angry? First off, these are generally films made by completely different people and production companies. A comparison of a Coen Brothers film and an intentionally over-excessive flick about fast cars and demons completely misses the point of both films. The only real similarity is they star a person who has the habit of at least attempting to remove similarities between most of his roles. Everyone has their Brad Pitt, "What's in the box" or Johnny Utah forever stuck on, "Whoa" moments. However, it does not negate a solid resume, skill, nor the fact that Drive Angry was ridiculously amazing. I bought the blu-ray. Why? Because unlike the "Christian Slater straight-to-video" business model for selecting roles these films are produced big and generally deliver big. Cage has also stepped up his game since his Knowing/Bangkok Dangerous phase. Some may feel inclined to point to Mr. Cage's money problems, but I wonder why he is having them at all; when I watch some of these films. Either way, as he storms through piles of scripts to pay back the IRS he pleases this audience.

Settle down Mr. Cage, you're not a god yet, and no one can ever be as cool as Sailor Ripley in real life. Not even you. Up Till Dawn Films recommends Drive Angry, Seeking Justice, Trespass, Ghost Rider 2, Kick-Ass. Nick deserves some props, all at least 3.0 stars each.