Monday, June 18, 2012

Film Revisit #1 - Indian Jones IV

Upon watching this film again, how this movie was initially received is what confuses me most. I've always been a fan of the Indiana Jones films, but never a super fan. Don't even think I owned VHS copies. I did not mind this film. Harrison Ford is still handsome and Shila Buff casts perfectly into a new Son of Indy Chronicles for television.

Look at the poster art. They didn't even deviate from the poster art. Dr. Jones is still clever, cranky, and adventurous. He solves riddles that beheaded men prior. Perhaps the added sci-fi aspects of the film outraged fans, but does it not make sense within the context and Indiana Jones material of the past?

Spoiler alert: no one holds up a beating heart in this one. Harrison does have moments in which his age shows, but no one is hiding the fact that Indiana Jones has aged several years since the end of the Last Crusade. We will not even get started on Mr. Lucas. I found this chapter an effective rounding off of the Indiana Jones series. The plot and conclusion were certainly not what I expected by watching the earlier films, but I appreciate that it expands the range of the series in many ways while staying true to what I perceive as Indy. Please feel free to shed some light on this matter. That is why comments are enabled, anonymous if you prefer, I don't mind...

(3.2 stars - past Indy films = 3.6)

Indiana Jones Quadrilogy = 3.5 Stars