Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brake (2012)

 Here we go. I'll get better at this. Our first film is a little ditty called Brake starring Stephen Dorff and Tom Berenger. Brake is a film that could just easily be watched as Phone Booth starring Collin Farrel or Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. The primary difference of the films being Ryan Reynolds is buried in a box underground whereas Stephen is trapped in a box located in the trunk of a moving car. And of course their's an entirely different twist. Considering the circumstances of the plot, I hate to disappoint, but Tommy Berenger more appears for approximately ten minutes than "stars." Brake makes gambling on poster art such a fun cinematic game.

Fortunately, I am a long time fan of Stephen Dorff, because one must prepare for an abundance of on-screen Dorff prior to watching this type of film. This type of plot and setting structure is very interesting to me. It's becoming a subgenre of thriller and suspense films. However, there's not a whole lot to say without discussing spoiler elements. The best aspect of the film is that I will definitely be watching S.F.W. again, in the near future. Lets give this bad boy 2.7 stars. I decided to go with a five-star decimal system instead of a hundred percent method. This movie would have received a 45 percentish at best. That's a failing grade. 2.7 stars is not a failing grade. I'm not mad I watched the film, but it's the type of film you want to put on if you have something else to do while watching. Otherwise you're just staring at Cliff Spab in a trunk for over an hour.