Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nurse Jackie (Season 4)

While I'm pretty sure Nurse Jackie is somewhat more popular than I realize. This show for me is Showtime's sleeper television show hit.

I began watching this show because of a woman. My wife and I began watching this show together, but during this last season (recently concluded) I found myself no longer waiting for her to watch the episodes. I needed to know what happens next.

Engrossed in the drama, intrigued and interested in new characters and old, and out loud laughter all force me to continue watching. And make no mistake, Edie Falco is a badass. I will always miss Carmela Soprano, but only because I miss Tony.

The entire series. Less than $133!
Nurse Jackie fits Falco perfectly and this season proves that she takes no prisoners and make no apologies. Do not be confused by this strong and powerful female lead. Nurse Jackie is not some chick shtick television show. This series provides an emotionally powerful, exciting, and fresh 30 minutes of entertainment that leaves the manliest of viewers wishing for an hour.

3.7 Stars.