Monday, June 18, 2012

21 Jump Street (2012)

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One more tonight, for posterity's sake, and there is no better than the new 21 Jump Street film. I previously stated in a post that we're going to attempt to keep the inflammatory nature of these reviews to a minimum; or rather to the best of our ability. A perfect way to prevent this sort of inflammation comes from a 2012 film re-imagining/rendition of one of my favorite television dramas of all time. I happened to be somewhat appalled by some of the casting decision news that I initially heard  pertaining to this movie, but as a good friend said it best, "Channing Tatum is fucking awesome when he's not being a douche" (or well it was something like that.) The truth behind that statement is shocking. 21 Jump Street is a thrill ride of laugh-out-loud hilarity and Tatum is freaking awesome. Whether a viewer hates, loves, or has no clue what 21 Jump Street is does not matter. The movie is individually brilliant. Only half way through the year, but most likely my favorite comedy of 2012. If you're a die hard 21 Jump Street like me this film will not disappoint, and it includes extra goodies just for you. I have already seen this movie several times. The blu-ray combo pack options seem weak at this point, but if a later release provides something extra put it on my birthday list. My expectations were extremely low, but it is apparent that the makers of this film set the standards high. I also recently learned that the woman signing the chorus of re-hashed theme song is Esthero! Man big-studio-comedy re-makes don't get any better. The only disappointment it seems was Dustin Nguyen must have been busy during production or something.

A solid 4.0 stars. I actually want to give it more.