Saturday, June 30, 2012

2-Minute Crappy Film Series

Burning Empire Media is proud to announce the Up Till Dawn Films: 2-Minute Crappy Film Series! A brand new style of remix film art that is sure to please. We all know the feeling when two minutes into a film we already ask ourselves, "What am I doing here? Why is this happening? I need to leave this place right now."

Up Till Dawn's 2-Minute Crappy Film Series takes care of this problem. We take a crappy film and make it two minutes. A two minute exciting thrill ride of adventure, disaster, and surrealism. All 2-Minute Crappy Films will initially be announced and released here on the Up Till Dawn Films blog. We don't just talk trash about crappy films, we make them too.

Our first film, A Fleeting Victory, is a remix tale of the classic War of the Robots. The film is essentially a bunch of people dressed up like Steve Zissou and fighting robots with lightsabers.  All while urging the viewer to jump off a bridge. We broke it down, spruced it up, had The Night Will Steal You redo the score, and chopped a more satisfying conclusion. In a truly irresponsible, zero-budget, for-profit, film house fashion we will release A Fleeting Victory today, tomorrow, or the next day.

Check back soon for the Up Till Dawn Films: 2-Minute Crappy Film Series! Look for the series on DVD in 2013! And buy Burning Empire Media Presents: on DVD now!