Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dead in the Desert - Rant and Info

Based on a true story. Short film by Burning Empire Media. Copyright 2009. Produced backwards surrealist horror puzzle film. Written, produced, directed, scored, edited, and starring Jofrin L. Pezzati. Film was made using a TRUE zero budget.
Note from Jofrin: This short film was submitted to the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival (in Arizona) and outright denied. Totally understandable, but I want my fucking money back. I could have paid my wife less than $50 to watch it twice and tell me it sucked. I would also like to note that I most likely will NEVER produce a film with me as the star again. I need to be able to look at someone else in the shot, and I do not want to look at myself as much as I had to in order to complete this project. I was not going to make this public, but its time to man up and here it is.